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Recent BLOG Posts

  • San Giuannin Spaghetti
    Today we will explain how to make San Giuannin Spaghetti, one of the best dishes of poor Puglian culture! Making this dish is one of the easiest things ever, because you need to use ingredients that you always have at home like capers or tomatoes, making this dish easy and fast!
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  • The benefits of extra virgin olive oil

    Extra virgin olive oil has many beneficial properties for human health. It is the only oil obtained from the fruit of the plant and not from the seeds. Contains 99.9% of lipids, vitamin E and vitamin K, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and zinc and other constituents.

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  • The lost recipes: fef e fogghie, fai e foji, ‘ncapriata

    Today's recipe is a typical Apulian dish that is gradually disappearing.

    It is prepared throughout Puglia, and is known under different names, 'ncapriata, fef and fogghie, fai and foji, depends on the area of Puglia in which you are.

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