About Us

Qualytaly is born from the meeting and the idea of a group of entrepreneurs, driven by a carnal passion for their land and the willingness to preserve and promote the excellent niche delicacies endangered due to an increasingly wild and aggressive globalisation.

The selection and research of not only local typical product to get known to the world, but also the research of producers able to guarantee the best quality of the products, has bes began about a year a go, and it’s currently underway

Qualytaly has began to select and value the best local producers at first in the province of Bari and then in the entire Puglia region, with the ambitious objective to extend, in the next future, the project to the entire “boot”, creating an online virtual market of ARTISANAL top quality Italian products, sold directly into the web site by the producing companies.

The producers selected by Qualytaly are not big Italian brands that challenge the global market with industrial productions, our producers are farmers and small companies, often still with a family management, that preserves and perpetuates an unaltered crasftmanship processes according to the local tradition.