Aubergines Preserved in Oil - Agricoltura Progresso - 6jar x 280gr

Aubergines preserved in extra virgin olive oil with parsley, capers, garlic and hot peppers; all local products from Bitonto’s farmers.
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Surprise your guests with something special and authentic homemade; perfect for the most discerning palates, this eggplants packed in extra virgin olive oil from the Cooperative Agricoltura Progresso of Terlizzi, are perfect for lunch or dinner, but also to flavor a pizza or a ‘ciccio’ and season starters and pasta dishes. Also suitable for small break when accompanied with toasted bread and some typical Apulian salami.

The Cooperative Agricoltura Progresso produces and preserves these eggplants according an ancient traditional recipe that gives inimitable and charming flavor to this preparation that keeps unchanged the characteristics of the tasting Bitonto eggplant enriched by the particular penetrating aroma generated by the combination of capers, garlic and pepper.

The package preserves the characteristics of the tasting Bitonto artichoke, in particular its crunchiness. The sealed jar can be stored for three years. Once opened, oil makeup/refilling is required and product has to be in the refrigerator (4 ° - 6 ° C).

All preserves from Agricultura Progresso Cooperative undergoes to pasteurization process and are free of artificial/chemical preservatives and/or dyes.

More Information
Preserve Type Preserved in Oil
Vegetable Aubergines

Aubergines, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, chili pepper and capers.

Flavor Chilli Pepper
Quality Label N/A
Producer Agricoltura Progresso
Region Puglia
Jar Size 280g
Number of Items 6

The Cooperative Agricultural Progress is located in Terlizzi (Bari), little town at about 30 km from Bari, renowned in Italy and Europe for the cultivation and production of plants and flowers. One of the typical characteristics of the city is the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; in fact, 60% of the national total is produced in our area where, thanks to the production of two famous varieties, Coratinae and the Ogliarola Bari, the oil produced is really the existing TOP in Italy.

The cooperative besides producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian track, also comply with the specification PDO, increasingly over the years has increased its investment in the production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The Cooperative Agriculture Progress also produces figs, rosettes, cherries and apricots very good quality.

The production  is always marked by respect for the environment and consumers through the use of facilities and fertilized the less invasisi and possible pollutants. Each member of the cooperative is primarily a farmer in the most positive sense of the word and true. This for us is a matter of pride. "PRIDE FARMER".

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