Apricot Extra Jam - Annese - 3jar x 250gr

The apricot extra jam from the Annese farm is a jam produced in Puglia. It is used for desserts such as sacher or tasted for breakfast.

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The apricot extra jam is produced and packaged in Italy in the factory of the Monopoli farm by skilled farmers who for years dedicated to the production of delicious jams.

After opening, the product should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C and consumed within 10 days. Once opened, the apricot extra jam should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from sources of light and heat.

Regarding its use in the kitchen, the apricot jam can be spread on biscuits or croissants for breakfast or on bread for snacks. But not only: it is ideal for filling various types of cakes such as tarts or sacher or it can be used to fill the crepes.

The sweet taste of the fruit of this jam joins the sugar of jam for a riot of sweetness. Although the apricots are a summer fruit, the jam allows you to savor the taste all year round. Annese jams are always able to keep their perfume.

The apricot extra jam from the Annese farm is a jam produced in Puglia. It is used for desserts such as sacher or tasted for breakfast.

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Fruit Preserve Type Extra Jam
Fruit Apricot
Ingredients info in English is missing - WORK in PROGRESS
Quality Label N/A
Producer Annese
Region Puglia
Jar Size 250g
Number of Items 3

The Annese farm specializes in the sale of traditional Apulian products, all strictly artisanal and "Made in Italy". Within the Monopoli establishments, typical Apulian products are packaged, such as the delicious extra-virgin olive oil from Puglia, preserved in oil, pastes, baked goods, jams and marmalades. All in different formats and quantities.

The Annese farm started in 1978, the year in which the founder Onofrio Annese, following in the footsteps of his father, already affirmed miller, built the first mill for the milling of olives. The plant, still small, however, is equipped with a robust granite stone mill that allows a limited production of oil but of great quality.

Just the high quality of extra virgin olive oil allows the company to be known by the local consumers and so in 1982 the first bottles of oil with the "Annese" brand are made. In 1994 the entire company was moved to Contrada Macchia di Casa along the Provincial Road 113 towards Alberobello, allowing the new continuous implant to produce over 2,500 quintals of oil annually on an area of ​​2,000 square meters.

Over the years, alongside the production of oil, there are the production of products from Puglia among the most recommended and requested by customers, such as preserves in oil, jams and many other typical Apulian specialties, all prepared in an original way interpreting the oldest recipes .
Today, the agricultural company has reached its third generation and is always careful to offer only excellent recognized foods, for taste and quality, by the consumer.

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