Orgoglio Contadino - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - AROMA Chilli Pepper - 6bott x 0.25l

Wake up the flavours of your kitchen with our chilli oil. It's good on everything, but do not forget use it with legumes
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Our grandmothers had a little secret to make their remarkably tasty dishes. A secret that all the pantries once held. In well-preserved bottles and protected from light, it kept the best oil, and the

In well-preserved bottles and protected from light, it kept the best oil, and the flavour was left to season with spices and aromas. The doses and infusion times to get these precious dressings, were handed down from mother to daughter.

The essential ingredient was always the same; a high quality oil, just like ours. We have taken this tradition, and we can offer a selection of our very precious oils, scented with the best offered in the land. Citrus, spices, flavourings; you'll be amazed how many different flavours can marry perfectly together.

There are the classics, red pepper and garlic, typical for pasta; more unusual ones, such as basil and peppermint, fresh tasting, ideal on vegetables; or even orange or lemon, fantastic on fish. They even have oils with turmeric and black pepper, or  Ginseng, ginger and tarragon, for those who love the flavours of exotic cuisine.

Discover them one by one, and also give scope to your imagination. Enough a few drops of our flavoured oils to turn simple dishes into haute cuisine delights.

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Olive Cultivar Coratina
Cold Pressed Yes
Extra Virgin Yes
Harvest Period 2016
Quality Label N/A
Aromatized Chilli Pepper
Region Puglia
Producer Agricoltura Progresso
Bottle Size 0.25l
Number of Items 6

The Cooperative Agricultural Progress is located in Terlizzi (Bari), little town at about 30 km from Bari, renowned in Italy and Europe for the cultivation and production of plants and flowers. One of the typical characteristics of the city is the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; in fact, 60% of the national total is produced in our area where, thanks to the production of two famous varieties, Coratinae and the Ogliarola Bari, the oil produced is really the existing TOP in Italy.

The cooperative besides producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian track, also comply with the specification PDO, increasingly over the years has increased its investment in the production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The Cooperative Agriculture Progress also produces figs, rosettes, cherries and apricots very good quality.

The production  is always marked by respect for the environment and consumers through the use of facilities and fertilized the less invasisi and possible pollutants. Each member of the cooperative is primarily a farmer in the most positive sense of the word and true. This for us is a matter of pride. "PRIDE FARMER".

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