EVO DOP - Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 3bott x 0.50l

Olio EVO represent a selection of extra virgin oil - monocultivars olives 100% coratina. A pure concentrate of health with a phenolic content that can be higher than 1,000 mg / kg.
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Olio EVO represent a selection of extra virgin oil, obtained with particular attention to the choice of olives cultivars - 100% coratina olives -  and their filtering process.

It can reach phenolic content even higher than 1,000 mg / kg, becoming a pure concentrate of health and preserving its healthy properties and organoleptic characteristics for many months.

The extra virgin olive oil EVO DOP Terre di Bari, maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of conventional extravirgin olive oil EVO, ensures also a maximum acidity of gr. 0.5 obtained through a meticulous control of all phases of production, from olive harvesting to bottling, guaranteed by the Company House of Bari.

More Information
Olive Cultivar Coratina
Cold Pressed Yes
Extra Virgin Yes
Harvest Period 2016
Quality Label DOP
Aromatized N/A
Region Puglia
Producer Il Rosone
Bottle Size 0.50l
Number of Items 3

In 1958 the resourcefulness and audacity of few local farmers allowed the creation of the Elaiopolio Cooperative “IL ROSONE”. Nowadays our Cooperative reaches a shareholding structure consisting of about 700 members/farmers, on over 2,000 hectares of olive groves in the countryside sites of Ruvo di Puglia (Bari) and Elaiopolio farmers, cultivate some of the most ancient and noble olive plantations of Puglia, where the predominant cultivar is the "Coratina".

The transformation processes apply advanced technical solutions for the achieving of improvement of top-quality extra virgin olive oil. The Elaiopolio, moreover, guarantees constant assistance and training to its shareholders, in order they can apply the latest and most advance production technologies and production techniques, in order to ensure a truly healthy and genuine product.

The growing demand for high quality products led the Elaiopolio, since 1970, to carefully select row materials, i.e. olive cultivars as well as production technique. Our extra virgin olive oil won several quality awards and recognitions in exhibitions and specialized contests. 

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