Grilled Artichokes - Pugliese - 6jar x 410gr

The grilled artichokes are a real concentrate of taste, where the genuine taste of nature is enriched even more, thanks to the original recipes of the art of canning.
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Grilled artichokes in oil are one of the most typical preserves of Mediterranean cuisine, ideal as an appetizer, side dish, to season pizzas, to stuff delicious sandwiches or to accompany delicious bruschetta. A real concentrate of taste. The artichokes are picked by hand, one by one, so as to preserve their authentic flavor.

As soon as they are cleaned and washed, the collected artichokes are grilled on both sides of the embers and put in the oven within 24 hours, just like the homemade preserves, so that the final product is practically perfect. The immediate processing allows to preserve the freshness and keep alive all the organoleptic qualities of the vegetable. Artichokes are rich in fiber and contain a fair amount of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium.

Once opened, the remaining artichokes must be preserved covering them completely with extra virgin olive oil. The operation must be carried out slowly so as to allow the oil to reach every inlet created by the artichokes in the jar. Then close the jar and place it in a cool, dry place, preferably in the dark. Check the oil level every two days and add more if necessary. Keep away from heat sources.

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Preserve Type Preserved in Oil
Vegetable Artichokes

artichokes 60%, 17.5% extra virgin olive oil, seed oil girasole17.5%, parsley, pepper, garlic, wine vinegar, sea salt, acidity regulator: citric acid, antioxd. Ac. L-ascorbic acid.

Flavor N/A
Quality Label N/A
Producer Pugliese
Region Puglia
Jar Size 410g
Number of Items 6

The Casa Pugliese Company was born from the thirty-year experience of Giovanni Pugliese, former founder and administrator of a company in the sector, combined with the passion of the Mastrototaro family, for generations leading a farm that boasts 50 hectares of land where it produces packaging in wood for fruit and vegetables.

Together they decide to create an agricultural reality that has become a point of reference for the territory in the production of products coming from their lands, making vegetables absolute protagonists of the table. This way preserves are preserved in oil, from artichokes to mushrooms, tomato sauce, ready sauces, pesto, paté and preparations for excellent quality bruschette produced according to ancient Apulian recipes.

The ingredients of the Pugliese products are vegetables of the highest quality, in fact only the best specimens are collected in the fields and then stored in the jars. The production follows the original recipes of the Apulian housewives.

The strength of the Pugliese company is the short supply chain: vegetables are harvested by hand in the fields, carefully selected and ready for production. Only a few hours pass from harvesting to closing of the jars in order to preserve the authentic flavor of the specialties made in Puglia.
At the base of the production there is respect for the times of the earth, of nature and of those who work it. The whole process, from working the land to production, has a low environmental impact with significant reductions in water and energy consumption, for a real Km 0 production.

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