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The “Apulian Aperitif” gift box is created and packed by Wine shop Mirò and consist of a wide range of Apulian genuine and of high quality products.
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The Wine shop Mirò recommend a tasty and rich gift box, composed of Italian high quality products, invented for a typical “Apulian Aperitif”. The wine shop Mirò’s gift box with genuine products, is a fantastic idea as a Christmas gift and for any occasion in which you want to surprise the celebrated.

 To start a savoury lunch together, the Apulian Aperitif gift box is ideal, because it join the taste and the quality of the vegetables cultivated in Apulia, preserved as the tradition wants for the extra virgin olive oil that make vegetables the absolute protagonists of the table, and the Primitivo, the Apulian king wine.

  The elegant wooden box, measuring 32x18x9, in addition to contain Apulian delicacies, could be purposed for other uses. It contains: a jar of 290 grams of dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil; the tomato is a typical Apulian product and during the Summer the Apulian farmer’s wives were used to dry them under the sun and then to immerse them in olive oil, in this way they fill the cupboard for the Winter; a jar of 280 grams of champignon mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil, with an intense and strong flavour; a jar of 280 grams of courgettes in extra virgin olive oil, with a soft and delicate taste.

 The vegetables in extra virgin olive oil are excellent to accompany slices of grilled toasted bread and canapé, but also to spice tasty first and second course.

 The Primitivo of Salento “Cottabo”, an equilibrated wine with an intense flavour, from the Vigne Monache wine cellar, is excellent to accompany this delicacies in perfect harmony. The Apulian Aperitif gift box is both a precious present to astonish with flavour, and also a way to taste the delicacies of a wonderful region such as Apulia.

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Wine is a masterpiece created by heaven, earth and man. The Mirò wine shop is a meeting point where you can admire with all your senses these works of art created by the encounter of nature with man. Mirò provides in a gradual and reasoned manner a consultancy support for targeted choices in the field of wine and food and wine. With clarity and simplicity, kindness and courtesy, offers quality products always keeping an eye on the price. Because wine is a pleasure, and the feelings connected to it must be positive immediately, right from the purchase. Mirò offers a route suitable for everyone: for customers who simply seek advice for food matching, for those who know what they want and know they can find in this wine shop the label they were looking for, for those looking for a gift of effect, for those who finally want to "learn" by documenting the choice to find out what is hidden behind a glass of wine.

Mirò Enoteca not only offers the usual labels, focusing on famous names, but enhances producers and products of our Puglia, from Daunia to Salento, passing through the Murgia and the Magna Graecia, an enogastronomic journey to discover the masterpieces of our land. The wine shop also has a special focus on "natural" wines, grown in organic farming or biodynamic, without chemical fertilizers, herbicides and with a reduced presence of sulphites. The offer is completed by a wide selection of spirits, liqueurs, Italian and Belgian craft beers and a quality regional gastronomic selection, from salty to sweet, with pasta, taralli, pickles, meats, mustards, jams, chocolates and sweets.

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