Tenerelli Milk Chocolate Dragées with Hazelnuts - Mucci - 1box x 500gr

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The chocolate dragées filled with liquor with an excellent alcohol content are wrapped in chocolate with only cocoa butter. They contain the classic distillates of Italian tradition and international liquor that are carefully selected.

After a careful selection, the most traditional alcoholic elixirs, both Italian, such as Limoncello, Amaretto or many others, and international, among others the Cognac or the Rhum, give these dragées a concentrate of rare and exclusive flavors that guarantee to the palate a seductive feeling of pleasure.

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Outer Shell Milk Chocolate
Type Dragées
Flavor N/A
Color Brown
Ingredients ingredients in EN
Quality Label N/A
Producer Mucci Giovanni
Region Puglia
Box Size 500gr
Number of Items 1

The company Mucci Giovanni srl specializes in pastry products, in particular in confetti and dragées, produced with artisanal methods. Founded in 1894, when Nicola Mucci started the first workshop in the historic center of Andria, he has since started producing chocolate, sweets and confetti using for them the excellent Andria almonds.

Around 1920 the company created "Mandorla Imperial" a new confection whose evolution led to the creation of the famous "Tenerelli", the secret recipe of the Mucci Family. Giovanni Mucci products are still made using artisanal methods according to the dictates of the high confectioner tradition. The high quality of its products has allowed it to receive countless awards over the course of more than 120 years.

The ingredients of the products made by the company are all of excellent quality, combined in a refined and original way, to create specialties containing carefully selected raw materials among the best in the world. The original recipes are scrupulously kept by the current heirs who aim to offer products in step with the times but with an eye to the original production methods.

Confetti and dragées are designed to be intended for retail sale in all available varieties, thanks to exclusive Gift Collection, gift boxes, jars and customized packs for special occasions.

The products are also available for sale in larger quantities, especially for occasions such as weddings, communions or baptisms. It is possible, in fact, to agree on a higher quantity for special confettate characterized by plays of color and by pleasant combinations between classic and innovative flavors.

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