Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and Seeds


For nuts and seeds we mean that type of fruit that is deprived, through a natural drying process, of the majority of water. In the daily dictionary, when it comes to nuts, we usually refer to nuts, almonds and pistachios .

Almonds are widely used in traditional kitchens of the Mediterranean basin, particularly in Sicilian, Sardinian and Apulian cuisine, both in terms of dessert and in terms of salty, such as in pesto alla trapanese or in the production of confetti and biscuits. They are collected by hand with the help of rods in the August-September period. Very rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium are a panacea for what concerns the nervous system.

Thanks to the climatic conditions, the hazelnuts thrive in the Mediterranean basin. In Italy the most active regions in their production are Campania, Lazio, Piedmont and Sicily. They are used in a predominant way in industrial processing, because, its fruit goes great with all the various types of chocolate, for the production of sweets, nougats and creams. Very rich in protein, they are very important in the fight against aging and cardiovascular diseases.

Pistachios are used both peeled and peeled, often roasted and salted, even in confectionery, to prepare ice creams, creams, beverages and for the production of cured meats, or as condiments for first and second courses . Even pistachios contain many proteins, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron and are an ally of those who want to stay fit , avoiding, of course, to exceed the amount.

Nuts and seeds should be eaten away from meals , great for breakfast.

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