Olio Affiorato


There is another way to produce oil. A slow and delicate way , used a long time ago by our fathers .

Olives, matured at the right point, and carefully harvested, were passed to the mill, and minced. Then the olive paste thus obtained was not centrifuged or subjected to cold pressure to extract its precious content. Instead, left to rest , and after a few hours spontaneously gave a small amount of juice, by spontaneous emergence. It was collected with special ladles, and reserved for a few, highly selected , uses, for example the weaning of children.

To be tasted mainly raw, the extra virgin olive oil, not being subjected to any extractive force, either centrifugal or pressure, has a full-bodied consistency and a fruity taste slightly pungent tones.

It is a simple and genuine product that is able to embellish any type of dish.

Our selection of outcrops is a elixir of goodness. It will steal you for body and genuineness.

Try and believe.
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